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Story behind this blog

After suffering from health problems related to my stomach and intestines as a teenager, my doctor advised me to watch my diet and eat unprocessed foods as often as possible.

At the time, I used to think that every kind of food was the same. Bread was just bread and peanut butter was made from 100% peanuts (more or less). Boy oh boy, was I disappointed when I started reading the labels and finding out the truth…

Checking food labels has become my obsession since then. I could spend every free hour of my day reading about monosodium glutamate, or different types of sugars, or why the most expensive product doesn’t always mean the best quality.

After I learned the difference between processed ‘healthy’ foods and actual healthy products, my stomach problems were gone. Since then, I’ve also spread the word and helped many other friends or family members learn how to identify good quality foods from processed ones.

Thanks to their good words and encouragement, I started this blog to help everyone who’s looking for the truth about the products we use. And in the meantime, I also decided to expand my knowledge by studying Nutrition and enrolling in a pharmacy assistant course. Since 2011, I’ve been working in a pharmacy as well as helping people organise a diet plan.

This website, along with its readers, is a source of knowledge about the products you should be using or should be avoiding. Together we are a COMMUNITY that wants to educate and build awareness about healthy living.

So please check the labels of the products that you buy! Don’t trust those big captions saying things like ‘bio’, ‘wholemeal’, or ‘sugar-free’. Check the ingredients list, find out more about the substances you haven’t heard of (not all of those hard-to-pronounce names are bad for you!), and follow our blog to make sure that you and your family eat healthily and stay well!

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