Cosmetic Analyser – Revealing the Truth About Cosmetic Ingredients


Hey there!

If you’re here, you probably want to know about the mysterious ‘Cosmetic Analyser’ we mentioned in the headline. We’ve spent the last couple of months working on this tool and it’s finally here!

The Cosmetic Analyser tool instantly analyses the ingredients of any given cosmetic, so you know whether the product you want to buy contains good, bad, or neutral ingredients. 

If you really care about your skin and health this is a game-changer! 

See this video to learn how to use our tool:

How to interpret the results: 

Negative – Unnatural ingredients, may cause allergies, avoid them!

Neutral – Generally not harmful, but also not the best choice.

Positive – Good, mostly natural ingredients. Try to find products that use only these substances.

Click here to access the tool:

Our plan for the future:

  • Adding a “vegan option”,
  • Adding a note about whether the ingredient is natural or synthetic. 

We love to hear your feedback, so please leave it in the comments below.

We’re also open to any suggestions and changes.

Have fun!

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  1. 5 stars
    Wow, this is such a cool tool! I can’t believe I can easily copy and paste ingredients of my makeup and almost immediately see if any of the ingredients are bad. Thank you!

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